Line Striper Paint Hoppers

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VEZOS offers single, double and triple colour line striping hoppers with paint suction outlet. The double and the triple tanks can hold multiple colours at once, allowing quick and easy colour changes or even simultaneous double and triple colour striping during the line marking process. The paint suction outlet ensures efficient and consistent paint flow, allowing the striper to produce clean and accurate lines. The hoppers come with lifting brackets and security hitches for easy transportation and safety on the marking field.

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PROSTRIPE Line Striper Paint Hoppers


  3ple Color Hopper




SKU: 23.9951001



The 3 colour paint hopper has a 150 liter (40 gallons) capacity,
making it suitable for large striping jobs.It allows easy switching
between three different line striping colours or simultaneous
triple colour striping, saving time and increasing efficiency.
The tank is durable and provides a long service life, ensuring it
can handle the rigorous demands of daily use. The large capacity
also means less frequent refills and therefore increased productivity.
The tank is easy to clean and maintain, with a drain valve system,
making it a reliable and convenient tool for any line striping project.




Low profile paint tank for increased visibility  Inclined slope bottom  3 colour striping with suction outlet  150 lit - 40 gal capacity  Lift brackets & security hitches



2ble Hopper left side view



SKU: 23.9951000 



VEZOS double colour paint hopper with a capacity of 115 liters (30 gallons),
ideal for medium to large line striping jobs. Its efficient tank outlet system
ensures continuous paint flow, while its dual colour design allows for easy
switching between two different line striping colours or simultaneous double
colour line striping. With a durable construction and a low profile design,
this paint tank is an excellent choice for professionals who demand
a high-quality and reliable paint hopper for their striper.








Low profile paint tank for increased visibility

Inclined slope bottom

2 colour striping with suction hose inlet and suction outlet

115 lit - 30 gal capacity

Lift brackets & security hitches









SKU: 23.9214000 



The single colour 68 liter (18 gallons) paint hopper is equipped with lifting brackets
and security hitches, making it easy and safe to transport with the line striper.
Its large paint capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, increasing productivity
and reducing downtime. With its durable and easy-to-use design, the tank can
withstand heavy use and its wide lid makes it easy to refill material and clean.





 Low profile paint tank for increased visibility  Inclined slope bottom  1 colour striping with suction outlet  68 lit - 18 gal capacity  Lift brackets & security hitches





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