Airless Medium Coating Sprayers DURA MC 500

SKU: 24.1105020  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

DURA 500 airless texture & paint sprayers are equipped with VEZOS “Black Pump Series” offering professional housing contractors a hydraulic airless paint sprayer, fulfilling their needs within the coating industry.
DURA 500 medium coating sprayers guarantee zero emission and high productivity while working with a wide range of material.

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DURA 500 medium coating sprayer, is equipped with a powerful 2.5 hp electric motor with a spraying ability that can cover all types of everyday materials. No fear that this airless sprayer will ever let you down, hydraulically operated with a large 5 liter tank, the DURA 500 texture sprayer guaranties no downtimes, no power current fluctuations and the best productivity / cost ratio in the market. Up to any task, DURA 500 proves to its users that the acquisition cost for this unit is incomparable to its productivity and profit maximization. Choose between a direct immerse pump or a suction hose method, depending on the average jobs you take on.


icon Slow stroke hydraulic piston pump

icon Heavy duty cart

icon Built-in filter

icon Adjustable pressure

icon Drain valve

icon Electric motor 2.5hp

icon 1-2 gun operation

icon TCS - Tunnel cooling system




Part Number 24.1105020
Max Working Pressure 230 bar/3350 psi
Max Flow Delivery 4.9 lit/min
Power 2.5 hp
Motor 230 volt electric
Pump Hard Chromed
Cart Heavy duty
Hydraulic Reservoir 5 liters
Weight 73 kg (complete)



Part Number 24.1105019 24.1105020 24.1105021
Max Pressure 177 bar/2600 psi 230 bar/3350 psi 177 bar/2600 psi
Max Flow Delivery 5.1 lit/min 4.9 lit/min 6.5 lit/min
Power 2 hp 2.5 hp 2.5 hp
Motor 230 volt 230 volt 230 volt
Pump Hard chromed  Hard chromed Hard chromed 
Cart H/D H/D H/D
Hyd. Reservoir 5 liters 5 liters 5 liters
Weight 55 kg 73 kg 73 kg






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