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Hydraulic Texture Airless Sprayer MAX GAS Convertible

SKU: 23.1003341.G  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

Airless Hydraulic Gas Convertible Sprayer

VEZOS strongest hydraulic airless paint spray, Runner Max, offers an outstanding 330 bar working pressure, to tackle the toughest jobs. Equipped with a hard chromed hydraulic slow stroke pump, with large sized fluid inlets, for heavy materials. VEZOS Runner Max transforms in application, with a simple line striping kit, painting contractors can offer clients a professional line striping job, without purchasing an extra unit.

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Runner Hydraulic Airless Spray has been named “Beast” by its users, definitely not because it lacks in design, as the Runner has an upright and compact structure that any hydraulic unit would envy. Its nickname is based on the extreme power that the Runner Hydraulic Airless Sprayer operates on. Offering an outstanding and unique for its category, 260 bar working pressure, spraying texture, stucco paste & paint materials, is simply a game for this innovative airless sprayer. VEZOS Runner Max series is the strongest hydraulic airless sprayer in the market, with a delivery volume of 9 l/min and an outstanding 330 bar working pressure.


icon Upright design

icon Compact structure

icon All in one frame

icon Adjustable handle

icon No tools needed

icon Less storage space

icon Fits in all vehicles

icon No long cart

icon Transforms into hydraulic line striper




Part Number 23.1003341.G
Max Working Pressure 330 bar/4800 psi
Max Flow Delivery 9 lit/min
Max Tip Size 0.053 in(paint) - 0.059 in (plaster)
Power 8.5 hp
Motor HONDA GX270
Pump Hard Chromed
Hydraulic Reservoir 5 liters
Dimensions 73*61*74 cm
Power Convert Convertible
Paint Hose 3/8" 15 meter
Paint Hose 1/4" 1 meter
Airless Spray Gun 1 piece
Gun Guard 1 piece
Gun Tip 1 piece
Power Convert Available Kit



  hydraulic-airless-texture-sprayer-electric-pro7 hydraulic-airless-texture-sprayer-electric-max hydraulic-airless-texture-sprayer-gas-max
Part Number 23.1003812.E 23.1003341.E 23.1003341.G
Max Pressure 260 bar/3770 psi 330 bar/4800 psi 330 bar/4800 psi
Max Flow Delivery 6.4 lit/min 9.0 lit/min 9.0 lit/min
Max Tip Size 0.041 in 0.051 in 0.053 in
Power 4 hp 7.5 hp 8.5 hp
Motor 230 volt 380 volt HONDA GX270
Pump Hard chromed  Hard chromed Hard chromed 
Cart H/D H/D H/D
Hyd. Reservoir 5 liters 5 liters 5 liters
Power Convert Convertible Convertible Convertible




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