Airless Paint and Texture Sprayers DURA HC 600 - High Flow

SKU: 24.1105012  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

DURA 600 High-Flow hydraulic sprayers have been designed to cover the needs of commercial & industrial contractors that take on jobs, with large and continuous coating applications. With a maximum material delivery of 7.6 l/min at a perfectly balances 177 bar working pressure, the DURA 600 High-Flow texture sprayers prove that a medium size hydraulic unit is just what’s needed to get the job done.

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DURA 600 High-Flow texture sprayers, offer a maximum material delivery of 7.6 l/min adjusted to 177 bar working pressure, making life easier for contactors that in average take on jobs with large coating surfaces. VEZOS hydraulic piston pump is equipped with a wide spring loaded inlet valve avoiding material clogging. DURA 600 high-flow can be supplied with or without a built-in filter, depending on the materials each contractor works with.


icon Slow stroke hydraulic piston pump

icon Built-in filter (optional)

icon High-Flow productive material flow

icon Adjustable pressure

icon Drain valve

icon Electric motor 3hp

icon Hard chromed pump

icon TCS - Tunnel cooling system

icon 1/2” airless spray hose




Part Number 24.1105012
Max Working Pressure 177 bar/2600 psi
Max Flow Delivery 7.6 lit/min
Max Tip Size 0.043 in
Power 3 hp
Motor 230 volt electric
Pump Hard Chromed
Cart Heavy duty
Hydraulic Reservoir 5 liters
Weight 86-83 kg (bare)
Dimensions 65*61*74.5 cm
Paint hose 1/2" 15 m
Airless spray gun 1 piece
Gun guard 1 piece
Gun tip 1 piece
Dura Complete 24.1105012
Dura Bare* 24.1105013
Dura Filter Kit 24.1205015



  paint-sprayers-dura1 airless-paint-sprayers-vezos84 airless-sprayers
Part Number 24.1105010 24.1105012 24.1105016
Max Pressure 230 bar/3350 psi 177 bar/2600 psi 177 bar/2600 psi
Max Flow Delivery 5.9 lit/min 7.6 lit/min 10.1 lit/min
Max Tip Size 0.039 in 0.043 in 0.051 in
Power 3 hp 3 hp 4 hp
Motor 230 volt 230 volt 230 volt
Pump Hard chromed  Hard chromed Hard chromed 
Cart H/D H/D H/D
Hyd. Reservoir 5 liters 5 liters 5 liters
Weight 86 kg 86kg 92 kg





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